Our Services

City View provides all aspects of window cleaning. All ground floor, mid level and high level glass cleaning internally and externally. We also offer pressure washing services for both glass and general cleaning, as well as cleaning of glass/window surrounds such as beams, ledges, signs and balustrades.

Window & High Access Cleaning

Low Level – All glass cleaning both internally and externally using extension poles where necessary, this is all glass cleaning that is accessible without the use of ropes or machinery. Cleaning of window ledges, frames, balustrades and removal of stickers and cob webs is also provided.

High Access Cleaning – This service includes all glass cleaning as well as high dusting and general high cleaning through various methods as listed below.

  • Rope Access
  • Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)
  • Elevated Work Platforms - Boom & Scissor Lifts
  • Waterfed Systems

Pressure Washing

Low and high rise façade cleaning using industrial pressure washers via various access methods.